Looking back at 2005…

Kids at Wetlands Institute
It was an exciting year for the Cawley family. We bought a house, took a trip to Disney, went skiing in Vermont

Other highlights from this year:

  • Maureen…
    • …attended a writers’ conference in January where she received excellent feedback and much praise from her peers and the instructor, Christian Bauman. She learned a lot and made progress towards completion of her novel. (That is until February, when…)
    • She re-entered the workforce in her lifelong dream job as a journalist. She is a Staff Writer with the Wildwood Leader and single-handedly covers the entire “5-mile Beach.”
  • Troy…
    • …continued working at Atlantic City Electric as a System Operator. This fall, he obtained his certification with PJM, the company that operates the power grid in the Northeastern US (and beyond.)
    • He also started this weblog and compiled photos to keep family and friends abreast of the family happenings (…all the while learning html).
  • Emmett
    • …continued to earn Honors, despite having begun the toughest of all grades…4th!
    • He played baseball in the spring, soccer in the fall and swam for the Wildwood Crest Dolphins all year.
  • Anna Rose
    • …mastered the two-wheeler this year. Her natural agility has her speeding along faster than her siblings can keep up with. (But don’t mention this to Emmett…or Katie either, for that matter!) She has also taught herself how to do a handstand and a “front walk-over.” Looks like it might be high time to enroll in some gymnastics program…
    • She is also a budding young artist who excels at school.
  • Katie
    • …amazes her Pre-K teachers with her maturity and smarts. She has already begun to read..what an exciting time.
    • She also stole the show at the MMS Holiday Concert this Christmas…watch out for more drama and excitement from this little thespian!

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