Anna Rose Cawley

Award-winning dancersNatalie and I receive awards for being “Student of the Week”@ Cape May Dancers

This is my new page!!!!

Anna & Natalie take a break from dance & talking!

Natalie and I eat a GIANT ice cream sandwich!

Bring Your Child(ren) to Work Day 2009

Me @ my dad’s work on “Bring your Kid to Work Day”


My Art teacher put my art on display @ the Noyes Museum

Anna in Me in “Animal Actors” in Universal Studios (Florida)

TuTu in her Bell Dress TuTu in her Bell Dress

Wednesday sleeps

Wednesday in my parents bed

Wednesday is the laziest dog on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch at Mythos

My sister Katie (left) me (center) and my brother Emmett (Right) eat lunch at Methos diner in Universal theme parks. Best food ever!!!!!!!

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