Happy Holidays from the Cawleys!

We hope everybody had a great year and wish you many more! We marvel every day at just how lucky we are. Our little team is happy and healthy and we are busy, busy, busy every day. Speaking of busy, check out what the kids did: Nothing Special The much-anticipated first EP from The Cawley … Read more

Moving from the Shore

Well, things have changed dramatically over the past 6 months. Troy took a job at PJM in January. His original plan was to stay with relatives when he was working (shiftwork) and spend weekends/time off at home in North Wildwood. In retrospect, it was a silly plan, really. So the clan decided to move to … Read more

Emmett’s Talent Show Drum Solo

Emmett performed a drum solo in the Cape May Technical High School’s “Tech’s Got Talent” show last night. If I may interject a little fatherly pride: He was awesome. …and I have to also point out that all of these kids were incredibly talented and showed great poise and courage. Well done, Cape May Tech!

Happy Birthday, Maureen!

I put together a slideshow of our trip for Maureen’s Birthday: Higher resolution (for Windows Media Player) available at: http://onemonthoff.com/Maureen-Birthday-2009_0001.wmv

Florida photos

No trip to Florida would be complete without the “let me show you pictures of my trip” photos. Luckily, our nieces and nephews provided lots of great photo subject matter…and entertainment. My favorite photo of the trip:

Anna performs gymnastics

Anna’s gymnastics academy (Cape May County Performing Arts Academy) performed at the Gia Chiarella Annual Cheerleading Exhibition at the North Wildwood Redreation Center on Sunday, March 1st.