Visits from cousins

It was great to see Frank(ie) a weekend ago (Aug 19th.) We had a nice “Pool-B-Q” at Cheryl and Fran’s…Some nice “grown-up” conversation while Mena and the kids frolicked in the yard and swam (with “adult” supervision, naturally.) Jeff, Colleen and Nora were in Cape May this past week. We had dinner at Ted & … Read more

Website update

I’ve put our pictures on Flickr. This will allow me to post many more pictures. I have actually added many already. Enjoy!


This is our new Cawley news page…a blog, actually. Update: We are very busy lately. Maureen’s return to full-time work is a big adjustment for us all…an excellent “growth opportunity.” …So we thought it would also be a good time to purchase a home. We were lucky to find something here that is in our … Read more