This is our new Cawley news page…a blog, actually.

Update: We are very busy lately. Maureen’s return to full-time work is a big adjustment for us all…an excellent “growth opportunity.”
…So we thought it would also be a good time to purchase a home. We were lucky to find something here that is in our price range. Needless to say, Troy’s brother Ted will be helping with renovations. We have a set of stairs planned and a new heating system will be necessary for year-round occupation. (Like so many old shore places, it is designed primarily for summer use.) Maureen’s parents are not kicking us out yet, so we will have time to complete renovations before moving in. Also, it is in the same school district, so the kids will not be changing schools.
Emmett will be starting 4th grade this year. He is of an age to pretend that he doesn’t want to go back to school, but we know better…
Anna Rose is going into 2nd grade. She will no doubt charm and impress her teachers as she has every year.
Katie is starting Pre-Kindergarten. It is a full-day program, which she is more than ready for. Her teachers from pre-school last year were so impressed that they thought she might be ready to start Kindergarten…but who wants to miss a whole year of school?!

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